And if the accordion was no longer nerdy? Previously reserved in the register of the song to text franchouillarde and the bal musette, the instrument to improve its image and win its entries in the string quartets and classical orchestras. This surrender to the taste of the day, to a whole new generation of accordionists, such as Félicien Brut, who walks in the right line of his eldest son Richard Galliano. We discovered it at the Folle journée in Warsaw where he played to both sides of the quatuor Hermès, and where he formed a superb duo with bassist Edouard Macarez, guest soloist of the Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France.

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This week, he will perform at the Marigny theatre in Paris which is “the bet of the accordion”, and where he will share the bill with guitarist Thibaut Garcia and Julien Martineau, who also popularizing an instrument that has fallen into disuse, the mandolin. Because the history of the accordion, although recent, is quite incredible. Invented by the Austrian Anton Haeckl, who files the patent in 1821, initially bore the name “physharmonica”, which will be derived the harmonica.

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and Then, after many, many technical developments, the Italians begin to build in number and include it in their popular music. Moreover, it is in the Italian town of Castelfidardo that are made of 90% accordions today. Meanwhile, it will be spent by Russia as part of its orchestras. Félicien Brut, who began learning the accordion at 6 years old, so does that make this instrument to its former glory.

Théâtre Marigny on February 4, Tours on February 6,…


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