A luxurious “nursing home” in Normandy. Residents take part in a quiz. The atmosphere is good child. Closeup on the face of Jean-Louis Trintignant in a wheelchair. His son is standing behind him. It is played by the actor Antoine Sire, which was already playing the root of the auto racer Jean-Louis Duroc, a hero of a man and A woman (1966) that interprets it. Fifty-three years later, and after a man and A woman: Twenty years already (1986), Claude Lelouch gives the scene its featured couple: Jean-Louis Trintignant whose memory fails and Anouk Aimée, who still has that nice gesture to tuck his hair back.

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In the preamble of this new feature film-a quote from Victor Hugo: “The best years of life are those that one has not yet experienced”, sung by Nicole Croisille’, other faithful of the filmmaker. Live, enjoy, love, that’s the real currency for Claude Lelouch. Who wished to make a film optimistic. The heart has its reasons that the body, even exhausted by the weight of years, ignore it. But the nostalgia is still what it was for the author of Itinerary of a spoiled child, . Which, again, speaks of love. A past love which he rekindles the flame time of a film. Anne Gaulthier, Anouk Aimée, therefore, remains the “best memory” of Jean-Louis, who, however, has a tendency to “forget everything”.

An ode to love

She became a grandmother and held a clothing and knick-knacks, miscellaneous. Jean-Louis has a lot of “ran” after the women. Resident involuntary, it is isolated, dream – much of Anne – and recites the poems of Verlaine and Boris Vian. Antoine was felt that this would be “good” for his father to review the one that he was fond of in the past. “That is what we would not do for love!”, introduces Jean-Louis to Anne that he does not recognize immediately. This is one of the good ideas of the film. The dream meets reality. Or reality is it a dream?

Claude Lelouch does not have to leave the actors that he loves more than anything. As he refused to close an album of old photographs, it has also injected extracts of a man and A woman in this moving film with hints of humor. To his habit, the director has full of aphorisms of his own: “death is the tax of life.” “Since the dawn of time, the only thing that has not changed is the love,” said Anne to her daughter. Love, the great case of the life of Claude Lelouch. With the cinema.