The stupre, and lust will no longer have a storefront. The Beverley, the last temple of the cinema X, prohibited to minors, as it should be, is going to take permanently to the curtain. After more than thirty years at the head of this remnant of the time of sexual liberation, its owner, Maurice Laroche takes his retirement. The promoter of the X, like the father of the family, today over the age of 75 years, has long pushed the idea of a closure, by – a-t-he often repeated, with a kind of false naivety, “commitment to its customers”. But the drop in attendance and sales in berne since the advent of the digital revolution and the Internet have convinced the director of the dark room, not like the others of the disuse of this form of lovers, to say the least sulfurous.

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not having found a buyer, the septuagenarian has finally decided to give up his rogue gaulish village to a real estate developer. In the meantime, on Sunday, Maurice Laroche will offer 90 seats in leatherette red cinema 30 euros a piece. But also two hundred feature-length films, film strips, 35 mm, 50 euros the film. Finally, the obsessed, nostalgic will be able to get a collector box on the history of Beverley… Surprise, it is not known if Brigitte Lahaie, the star of the X of the end of the 1970s, has accepted, for once, to put his heart bare.

The last pornographic cinema closes its doors in Paris – Watch on Figaro Live

the song of The swan of the porn film

It was enough for twelve small euros deposited at the counter for that of spectators in a lot of sensations erotic not be able to enter this room very obscure essential 90 red seats. Located at 14, rue de la Ville Neuve in the IIe arrondissement, in the historic district of rooms X, the Beverley has always attracted 470 customers per week until these last days against 1500 there was still twenty years old.

In the 1990s the barges lustful flocked, therefore, still in the institution. And among the clientele, a gaggle of regulars, mainly men. Sometimes, a few curious ones went astray. With the storm of the Internet, the Beverley has lost its luster and its usefulness. The blessed time of the X, seems to express regret that the director of the room, theme evenings, such as readings of poems erotic were regularly mounted. The ghost of Choderlos de Laclos may well haunt the Beverley.

The dusk of the X began, there was now a good thirty years, even before the advent of the digital revolution. A bit of history. In the 1970s, there were 44 cinemas porn in Paris. Ten years later, it was still a twenty in the capital. It was the December 30, 1975. After heated debates in the national Assembly, the projection of free and full movies of a pornographic nature has been allowed for the first time.

since 1980, the halls of paris continue to project 35 mm and have to convert in the video projection. In 2017, there are finally more than a single room focused on the capital: The Beverley. It will disappear, next Saturday…