He loves to make people laugh. Without any other pretension. Philippe Lacheau directed his fourth film, Nicky Larson and scent of Eros , currently in the room. It is also the main actor in this adaptation totally out of the cartoon of the same name. A child’s dream. Symbol of the 1990s, Dorothée proposed through his “club” programs that have marked an entire generation. It is not a little proud to say that Dorothea herself has validated the scenario.

Since Alibi.com that has made 3.6 million admissions in 2016, Philippe Lacheau became a director in the comedy. It seems to go through this success, unassuming, serene. Not forgetting where he came from and years of hard to try to put his first film with his band of friends made up of Tarek Boudali, Reem Kherici or Julien Arruti.

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Philippe Lacheau flirts with the boundaries of humor. Sometimes with those of good taste. And so what if the feminists and the league of defense of animals will wait for the turn. As for his inspirations. It has known worse. He wants to enroll in the steps of the Unknown through Didier Bourdon that, since Alibi.com , has joined the famous band in fifi. Band, a sign of its success, has recently joined the troupe Enfoirés. In the pantheon of Lacheau include Francis Weber, Pierre Richard – he is not tired of The Goat – and the brothers Farrelly. Michel Hazanavicius also. It has also applied for a small role in the third instalment of OSS 117.

Since he small, he wants to make the film. The passion of his mother, a seamstress, who dreamed of working once for the documentaries of Frédéric Mitterrand. The road was long. Tv, a first stepping-stone. We discover it on Canal+ or W9. When it offers to producers to make The Tiny ship , a parody of Titanic on a mode of a comic, he laughs at the nose. The project falls in the water. Baby Sitting , in 2014, is his first true success. For Nicky Larson , the question is no longer asked, the producers have followed, despite the big-budget comedy. He has managed to do come Pamela Anderson, who embodies… a caricature of itself. Raphaël Personnaz, brown dark of French cinema, has also accepted a small role, too, far, very far from his usual repertoire. Philippe Lacheau say that he has all of the”teen focused”, he has, it seems, of the continuation in the ideas.