The biologist explained why it is impossible to take up fallen out of the nest chick

birds that fell from nests, it is impossible to pick up. This was stated by the candidate of biological Sciences Pavel Glazkov on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”. According to him, human intervention can harm the birds.

the Biologist noted that the Chicks do not need the help of people.

“a Fledgling is a young bird that has recently left the nest. I want to say to viewers: if you see the juvenile, pass by, do not touch it. Because the Chicks from 2 to 8 weeks diversitatea parents outside the nest” — said the expert.

He said that the babies, when grow up, can become prey for predator. Therefore, the fledglings scatter in a radius of 10 meters from the nest and learn to survive there. If you take the baby home, it can hurt — in the future he will not be able to live in the wild.

Sometimes Chicks pick up children without parental consent. Pavel Glazkov explained what to do in this case.

“If you come home and the kids found a baby bird — if it has been 2-4 hours, you must return it to the place where he was taken. In this radius were his brothers and sisters. Parents can find their young by voice and to feed them.”

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