“A wizard is never late, nor in advance of elsewhere, Frodo Baggins. It happens precisely at the scheduled time.” This phrase of Gandalf the White Lord of the Rings is ideally suited to the biopic directed by finland’s Dome Karukoski ( Tom of Finland ), whose trailer has just be unveiled on Tuesday. In the works since 2013, the biopic co-written by David Gleeson ( The Front Line ) and Stephen Beresford ( Pride ), Tolkien will finally see the light of day on 19 June in the French theatres. It seems determined to pay homage to one of the greatest writers of fantasy .

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The trailer shows that the wait was worth it. The biopic is very promising and offers a new perspective on Middle-Earth: the film tells the story of how his memories of his youth, his studies at Oxford to the trenches of the First world War, fed his work. Portrayed by Nicholas Hoult, the actor from Favorite and Mad Max: Fury Road , John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is presented as Frodo Baggins in the real world. He is surrounded by his friends Sam (Craig Roberts), Christopher (Tom Glynn-Carney), R. Q. Gilson (Patrick Gibson), G. B. Smith (Anthony Boyle) and the love of his life, Edith (Lily Collins), who inspired some of the characters of his saga.

Anthony Boyle, Tom Glynn-Carney, Patrick Gibson and Nicholas Hoult in the biopic on J. R. R Tolkien’s Fox Searchlight

“This is a story of travel, of journeys that one makes to prove things, tells the story of Tolkien in the trailer. A story of adventure, of true magic, a magic never seen before ; a story of love and what it implies, of courage ; the story of a community.” Every word of his story is as much an echo of its fictional universe, known worldwide, that in his own life. Scenes of his youth parade. It is seen clinking glasses with his friends, kiss the one who will become his wife, Edith, to watch soldiers run around in full combat.

J. R. R. Tolkien (Nicholas Hoult) for the battle during the First world War. Fox Searchlight

In Tolkien , the battle does not rage in Middle-Earth, but in the trenches of the Somme in 1916. But Mordor is never far away: in an explosion on the field of battle, the fans attention will be able to recognize the silhouette of the Balrog, this creature of fire legendary whip devastating which resulted in Gandalf the Grey in the abysses. Tolkien, himself, returned from the war. Bruised and ravaged by the loss of his small community.

In an explosion on the field of battle, the fans attention will be able to recognize the silhouette of the Balrog. Fox Searchlight