“The Black” of Gallimard finds a new breath. The legendary collection of dark novels of the Gallimard The Black which was published between 1992 and 2005, the biggest names of the genre (Chester Himes, James Crumley, Cormac McCarthy, Raymond Chandler…) resurrects this Thursday, march 21, after a break of fourteen years. Three titles, presented in an elegant black cover and well-designed interiors, are available on the occasion of this rebirth.

The Black will publish three to five titles per year”

“a Nod to the inevitable collection Blanche by Gallimard, The Black aims to accommodate these novels so-called “black” for a readership that was more eclectic, concerned about an aesthetic before it can be a big issue,” says Antoine Gallimard, the head of the famous publishing house. The collection is facilitated by Stephanie Delestré and Marie-Caroline Aubert, the two editors of The black Series (another mythical collection of Gallimard).

Black, collection originally launched by Patrick Raynal, will, “with requirement and parsimony,” according to Antoine Gallimard, three to five titles per year. Marie-Caroline Aubert is the arrival (of the editions of the Mask) The Black with authors that put their trust in him since his debut in the edition.

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A silence brutal of Ron Rash Gallimard

Among the first titles of the collection lovers will find as well the American Ron Rash with A silence brutal , (translated by Isabelle Reinharez), writer regarded as one of the greatest american authors to contemporary and including Marie-Caroline Aubert was the first to publish works in French.

“Ron Rash is absolutely the example, the incarnation, the embodiment in book form of about The Black “, says Marie-Caroline Aubert.

“When I published Ron Rash the first time it was the Mask, which was a collection of well plan. When I read his book I said to myself: ‘I can’t let them slip away to this author, this would be an act of professional misconduct .’ Fortunately there was a murder in the novel, and I was able to publish it,” she said with a smile.

Stoneburner William Gay Gallimard

Two writers missing, the American William Gay (also discovered by Marie-Caroline Aubert) and Hervé Prudon (chosen by Stéfanie Delestré) have the honour of unveiling the new collection. With, respectively, Stoneburner (translated by Jean-Paul Gratias), roman posthume of the writer regarded the United States as the master of the Southern Gothic and Nadine Mouque , originally released in 1995, and is published for the first time with unpublished drawings by Hervé Prudon.

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As is the case for Gallmeister, a publisher that only publishes american authors, the translations of novelists americans of The Black want to be treated with special care. “As Rash has started poetry, I needed someone who marries the sound and the rhythm of his sentences,” says Marie-Caroline Aubert.

The editor ensures that when the author hears his texts read in French, “he acknowledges,” because of “the music of the text”. “The choice of a good translator is essential,” she said.

Nadine Mouque Hervé Prudon Gallimard Freedom of writing

“there’s only one place for Ron Rash and William Gay, it is The Black “, says Marie-Caroline Aubert who would have liked to be able to convince writers such as Chris Offutt (in Gallmeister), or Donald Ray Pollock (by Albin Michel). “It is quite difficult these days to find the perpetrators of this quality,” she says. “There is more than enough for everyone of that level”, but, she adds, there is a “nice funds not yet fully exploited” at Gallimard.

“A black novel is a novel without a police investigation, it is characterized first by its style, the work of writing and a porous border” with the polar or the western. “The black, supports his side, Antoine Gallimard, is resistant to many attempts to define it by its lack of rules and sense of humour”. The collection will offer readers “a sample of what the black novel offers more enjoyable, singular, spellbinding and disturbing”, still supports the editor.

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