It does not age, Léo Loden, the ex-cop in marseille spent in the private sector after a burr. In 27 years, it is still become a father. He no longer wears his jackets without sleeves, the fashion in the early 90’s. It has invested in a mobile phone and is no longer obliged to use the combination of old coffee shops in marseille. Leo always drives his companion the inspector Marlene Soral and his uncle Loco, the ex-marine pillar of the bar, in surveys where the bullets rained down.

This fine team tracking down the mafia and reveals the characters without scruple in a good South-East quarter of France (and beyond). The complexity of the characters makes the strength of this series. Léo Loden is milk soup, sometimes impulsive, it does not remain about it less terribly clever. The immoderate taste of Uncle Loco for the aperitif, and its apparent lightness contrast with his experience of perilous situations. The angry Marlene is a cop out hand in hand.

Last character: Marseille, sketched with affection. “This is one of the few cities in which one can speak of it as a person,” says Serge Carrère, the designer. When Loïc Nicoloff, the author who took over the reins of the series, a native of marseille or Arleston, writer of historical, evoke the city, this is not the postcard. They depict the habits and paradoxes of Provence with accuracy and tenderness. “Even for the parts where Leo Loden trip, we are going to soak up the atmosphere of the place,” says Serge Carrère. One recipe for the designer, who also worked on the Achilles Heel : the observation… Fugue in rave minor , is no exception to the rule.

This saga of crime fiction regionalist fast-paced and humorous, of which the first volume, Terminus Canebière , is released in the editions of Sun in 1992, has marked the career of Serge Carrère: “When I want to do science-fiction, western, people expect me Leo”, has fun there.

The box BD with Serge Carrère, the designer:

The survey of Léo Loden patina. Finally she will start up in a troquet of the Old Port. Editions Soleil, 2019 – Nicoloff, Carrère

In Fugue in rave minor , Léo Loden is loaded by a business leader marseille, the boss of shopping of beauty products “The” farigoule “provence”, to find his missing son. To date, the investigation patina. Leo, who has problems of child care, even has to lug around its twin on the ground. Our private detective comes in addition to wipe one end of non-receiving in high school of the ado looking for. It is a bit depressed.

Uncle Loco is going to put Leo on a track more promising, the bars in the corner. “He is clever, uncle, spike, Serge Carrère. This uncle who has a lot of experience gives him a basic idea, as a regular in the pubs, to start the investigation.” What a good meaning, behind an appearance of rustic! “For me, it is the equivalent of Obelix, in the least naive”, he believes.

It has a small side “Pagnolesque”, this bistro marseillais district. On the front, a logo of the OM. The bar and terrace, of the regulars, “as often in Marseille,” jokes Serge Carrère. “This bistro is alive and well,” continues the designer. The bar is called Garibaldi, the boss is called Gari. The links are created and the survey will be able to accelerate”.

Obsession for the aperitif

The spring comedy, in this suite of spaces, it is the cliché of the Marseillais who does not want to lose face in a bar, as a commander, here a non-alcoholic drink. Loco has a certain obsession for the aperitif, a bit like Obelix in has a for wild boar roasts. “Sometimes, one is obliged to accept a glass for not to offend people”, points to the father of the series.

Léo Loden wears a black t-shirt, passe-partout, which is in contrast with her red hair. Spirou, Tintin, Boule et Bill… The heroes roux are legion in comics. “They are easily recognizable, it is a color that makes them well when printing,” notes Serge Carrère. Uncle Loco him, never changes his turtleneck and does not leave his sailor hat.

Gari, portly, knit, skin, hand towel on the shoulder, it is a bit Raimu.

In the saga of Leo Loden , the secondary characters are all very well worked, like a boss. “When I imagine these characters, I leave that to my hand. I make several trials, and then it is necessary”, explains Serge Carrère. Gari, portly, knit, skin, hand towel on the shoulder, it is a bit Raimu. “He must feel the sweat, but this is not serious,” laughs the designer.

Léo Loden tome 26: Fugue in rave minor, Nicoloff, Carrere. Editions Sun.

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