The idea of the saga of the “Last Atlas” was born twelve years ago in the mind of Fabien Vehlmann (writer respected, co-author of the recovery of Spirou with Yoann). “At the beginning, it was a picture seminal, like a dream , tells the person concerned. A kind of collage, surreal, where I saw a giant robot rusty who rotted in a landfill, squatted by people. There was a potential narrative in this image , something quite melancholic, which I liked.

It was a question of making a soap opera out of this story of the “giant robot to the” breakage ” in Professor Cyclops , a journal of COMICS and fiction digital that existed between 2012 and 2015, co-produced by Arte. The principle was to put in scene a plot feuilletonnante with a dedicated team. Gwen de Bonneval joined the project. But it all went pear-shaped. Yet, the idea remains present in the mind of Fabien Vehlmann, and enriched over the years a theme more personal link with the …

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