The building of the TFR in Moscow have detained the picketing lawyers and activists

In Moscow staged a series of pickets in support of activists from Kabardino-Balkaria of Jilkova and Diana Zipunova, who are accused of violence against police officers.

Police detained several activists near the building of the Investigative Committee, among them were several lawyers.

Arrested were attorneys Daniel Berman, Alexander Redkin and Dmitry Grabs, as well as the author of the telegram-channel “Protest MSU” Dmitry Ivanov, the author of the telegram-channel “Avtozak LIVE” Maxim Kondratyev and the employee “OVD-info” Ekaterina Selezneva.

As reported by “the Media”, the activists were taken to the police Department on Basmanny district. Ivanova was released after drawing up the Protocol on violation of the “regime of isolation” (article 3.18.1 of the administrative code).

Recall, Lenovo and Jilkova accused of using violence against a representative of authorities after an incident at an illegal casino in Nartkala. Advocates insist that Jilkova detained after he asked police documents for the inspection of the premises, and to come to his aid colleagues pushed him out of the Department. According to them, Lenovo left overnight in a Department where threatened with sexual violence.

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