Suddenly the huge wall of raw concrete, a blue eyes watching you. Two keen eyes. They tremble a little and float in the darkness. Like those of a cat. “I thought in the light of Simone Signoret,” Claude Levêque who loves the popular cinema of the 60’s and 70’s. So far, the neon works of this great name of the contemporary art magnifiaient of buildings a little old as his white crown to the top of the Bastille Opera and the lightning flash of red that lit up the banks of the Seine at the pont d’issy.

“I thought of the look of Simone Signoret,” Claude Levêque who loves the popular cinema of the 60’s and 70’s. Antonin Am

Her cat while lightness and a little melancholic has been designed for the new multiplex, UGC Cité Ciné at the entrance of the centre commercial Vélizy 2 in paris West. “This is the first time that I am working for a new building for a cinema,” says the renowned plastic surgeon. This monumental work is accessible without a ticket and looks at it with a different perspective that we are positioned on the ground floor looking to the bottom “anti-dive” or from the passageway on the first floor. “The subject questions the vision and appeals to the broadest audience before they immerse themselves in front of one of our eighteen large screens”, emphasizes proudly the site’s director, Gilles Florissi. Since its opening in march, this multiplex has attracted a record 80,000 spectators. They are, of course, that came to the movies, but also for the architecture and art of this cinema outside the norm.

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This UGC Cité Ciné has been designed by the architect Jean-Marc Lalo, which several cinemas and mythical, including the renovation of the Ariana in Kabul in Afghanistan sponsored by Claude Lelouch, the restructuring of the Cinematheque de Tanger in Morocco and the future Ciné Gimbi with a vegetated roof in Burkina Faso. Here, it was imagined to be in a “street theater” with walls of solid concrete, “an explosion of open spaces, released” as an inland city with in the different floors, a movement in “balconies hanging,” which should give the impression of “walking in the air”. At the entrance of the multiplex, it is necessary to lift the nose. There on a huge screen scrolls a signal poetic, full of halos and vibration signed Hector Castells-Matutano. A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, this friendly, Spanish artist 41-year-old is a passionate lover of the processes of filmmaking. In his studio-dark room, he uses still pictures and the moving light to sculpt abstract forms, vibrant and delicate. The Parisians of paris already know his videos of art that attracts the eye of passers-by on the façade of the UGC Gobelins.