The CEC has reported on complaints of forced voting in Moscow and St. Petersburg

the CEC of the Russian Federation received 17 citizen complaints of possible violations of the rights of participants in a nationwide vote on amendments to Konstytutsii associated with the forced voting and use of administrative resources. This was reported on the CEC website.

we are Talking about Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Moscow — eight such cases in St. Petersburg — nine, said the CEC.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported that all employees of the library. Mayakovsky in St. Petersburg were obliged to vote on constitutional amendments. About this “echo of Moscow” said the head of the Yabloko faction in the legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky.

“on 25 and 26 June they were ordered to come up for a vote. With the inscription — “attendance is mandatory”, — he said, referring to the “manual” which was distributed to the librarians. In this state, according to him, required to let go through a “Portal” from the polling stations at the place of residence and attached to the sections about work. Wisniewski noted that Savoldelli have the task “to collect information about the number attached to the parcel at the place of work and convey (it) to his superiors by e-mail”.

According to the Deputy, there is a “screenshots” proving the existence of such instructions. These “incriminating” documents have an understanding of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor’s office said the Deputy, saying that he gave evidence to these bodies.

“I sent a letter to the Prosecutor, the head of administration of the Central district (Petersburg. It is near the Mayakovsky library), and to the CEC head, Ella Pamfilova, who publicly stated that she only send fakes, and that people were not anonymous,” — said the Yabloko party.

the Russians will be able to Express their attitude to the amendments during the week from 25 June to 1 July. Obsenreding the vote proposed to hold Vladimir Putin. One of the amendments provides for “zeroing” of his presidential terms, so the leader can, if desired, twice to participate in elections of the head of state.

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