The children's Ombudsman proposed fine for improper use of matkapital

For improper use of the parent capital it is necessary to provide the possibility of its return and the penalty. This follows from the report of the Commissioner for children’s rights in Russia Anna Kuznetsova.

“you Should also pay attention to the fact that the funds of the parent capital transferred to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation from the Federal budget and are earmarked. Their misuse (for example, was not superior living conditions) should suggest the possibility of a return of the parent (family) capital and the onset of legal consequences for the parties”, — stated in the document.

the Proposed “to consider the question of administrative liability (a fine) in respect of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and its officials, and the citizens for non-performance or improper performance of requirements of the law.”

Earlier, the President of the Russian Federation signed the law on extension of maternity capital program. Solanco document, payoffs for children born from 1 January 2020, that is, retroactively. In this case, the amount of matkapital will be 466 million roubles for the first child.

If the family then second child is born, the family will get another 150 million rubles. Families in which after January 1, 2020 to be born a second and subsequent child will be able to count on the matkapital in the amount of 616 thousand rubles.

has Also been extended direction of spending MKAPITAL, which now can be spent on the construction of villas or repair existing private dwelling house.

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