The city Duma adopted a law banning the sale of alcohol in bars area of less than 20 meters

the Deputies of the Moscow Parliament approved a bill to ban the sale of alcohol in bars and cafes with an area less than 20 square meters, located in residential buildings.

TV Presenter and member of the safety Commission, sports and youth policy of Maria Kiseleva said that the need to combat domestic alcoholism in all its forms. “We need a cult of a healthy lifestyle, not drinking alcohol”, she added.

In turn, Chairman of the Committee Kirill Shields reported that the new law guarantees to entrepreneurs of Moscow sized minimum area of 20 metres.

He noted that the adoption of the Federal and Moscow laws prevent sale of alcohol in small food service establishments in apartment buildings.

Recall that on 5 may in Russia the retail sale of alcohol in cafes, located in apartment houses and adjacent territories permitted in facilities with a total area of not less than 20 sq. m.

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