After a beautiful reunion in 2015 for the Tangerine , the two “Innocent” J. P. Nataf and J-C Urban, returning to the front of the stage with the album , thirty years after their first hit Jodie . This week, Jean-Christophe Buisson’s le Figaro Magazine , and Gregory Leménager (Obs) were also found to comment on these new tracks produced by the duo in paris.

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“We can be grateful not to overproduce as some do for the happiness of overproduce, begins Gregory Leménager. When they release a disc this is really what they want to do.” The journalist has enjoyed the “freshness” of the tandem and especially the aspect of “very innocent, just very, very naive, very ingenuous” of this new album, in contrast with words “is both crystal clear and esoteric”.

The Innocent “have a sense of melody which is quite rare in the song today. “This is not the variety, this is not rock, this is not exactly pop, it’s a bit of a mix of it all,” admits Jean-Christophe Buisson, who, for his part, was struck by the inspiration of the duo in the themes that are dear to the romantic movement of the Nineteenth century.

If it finds the album are “generally pretty good”, it regrets, however, that it is not in the level of the first years of the Innocent, with the success of The Other Finistère or An extraordinary man . “If you listen to the album without doing anything else, the headphones, a point we no longer listen to,” he says. One has the impression that it is always the same melody, the same old same old”. “Maybe it is you who no longer have the same availability of, or the same freshness as they did thirty years ago”, quips the reporter from Obs . “Surely,” responds his interlocutor. Before to lay down their arms: “No, actually, I can’t say the evil [of this album], you’ve convinced me.”