the frame of The film lies in the title. It is already that. The class Struggle tells the story of a couple, that of Sofia, a lawyer, and Paul, drummer for punk rock and anarchist, who moved to the suburbs. Their son, Corentin, is enrolled in the public school of the district, and was soon deserted by his buddies for private institutions. The couple then comes to question the consistency between the values that each one defends and the decisions to be taken. Jean-Christophe Buisson’s le Figaro Magazine , and Gregory Leménager (Obs) meet to discuss this time of the qualities and defects of this comedy, very French.

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“What a delight this movie is!”, launches in the preamble Jean-Christophe Buisson. And take note of its comic force. According to him, The class Struggle is played from the “bobo the left which was full of generosity,” but who is confronted with the “reality”. “I caricature, I’m simplifying” he begins. But it was soon interrupted by his opponent, who judge that one can caricature this film, “already somewhat of a caricature”.

Gregory Leménager find the idea and the intentions of the film “excellent”, the actors “good”, but these qualities are not sufficient to address to the rhythm “draft” and the links “very awkward” for several sequences. As for the characters, they become even “idiots”. “The film wants to be a comedy, so he tries to put a gag per minute, there are gags that are not funny,” he continued.

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Jean-Christope Bush praises the “ability of self-deprecating humor, honesty, clarity on the boundaries of the live-ensemblisme” director, which was inspired by his own experience to make credible the couple Bekhti-Baer.

If the two agree that the questions posed by the film are “very legitimate”, the reporter from Obs , did not budge. “Everything is too busy, he insists. I’m sorry, on a topic like this, please visit us Gaspard Proust! There was something really biting.” Jean-Christophe Buisson prefer to retain this comedy that “people on the left may be able to laugh at their own shortcomings.”

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