The cords in verse shared his impressions from isolation

the Leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov wrote a poem about how it took isolation in the country. New his creation published in Instagram.

the Musician compared himself and his wife with Robinson Crusoe and Friday. He also said that in the days “soaked lamb in wine”, and together with his wife they “wanted to buy a greenhouse”.

a month and a half of self-isolation occurred Shnurova like it, because it is “not spinning the wheel every day,” and “wife perlite early in manicurepedicure office.” About the end of that period, the artist expressed his regret: “But set aside. All were expelled from Paradise! Quarantine to extend like no reason. My wife and I stood at the barn As froze boats Robinson”, — complained the artist.

Cords also appeared during the home insulation tummy tuck “notches in the memory of those happy days.”

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