The CPS explained why the nose is not the most faithful assistant in choosing fresh produce

the St. Petersburg office of Rospotrebnadzor has prepared recommendations for choosing fresh produce. The Ministry said that the process it is necessary to connect the sense of smell, but even the lack of odor is not a guarantee of freshness.

“Some consumers, once bought, for example, meat during long-term storage at home continue to him to sniff. And even after the expiration date sure the product can be eaten, as it still smells good. To use this method of determining freshness is very dangerous. If the smell is there, the product has definitely started to deteriorate, but in some cases the smell will not be”, — said experts.

In particular, this applies to products, several times frozen and thawed.

“the Repeated freezing in any case degrades the microbiological characteristics of the product. Re-freezing can be very harmful to fish, it can lead to an accumulation of histamine, we can even feel it will be a tingling sensation on the lips is a true allergic reaction. But the product will not be much smell. It is worth remembering that in the freezer the products cannot be stored indefinitely, especially if the process of microbiological spoilage has already started before freezing. After defrosting it will continue at an accelerated pace. If you froze a defective product, do not think that after freezing organoleptic changes will disappear,” warned in the CPS.

Experts also said that it is important to pay attention to the expiration date. Usually the products can be stored a little longer than indicated on the package, but only at observance of storage conditions.

“For each product there is a small margin of safety, which allows you to buy a product with expiring shelf life, to bring home and to use it in food soon. This stock of shelf designed so that you do not have suffer the product from stores.on the bag in the refrigerator,” — said the Agency.

CPS announced two ways to check for freshness. “Test knife”, when the frozen product, meat or fish is pierced with a hot knife to the bone. Sniff the product from the resulting incision. If it is spoiled, it will smell unpleasant.

There are also “trial of acrobat”. Unfrozen place the fish on the palm. If the head and tail hanging down, as if the fish got up to the bridge, this means that the muscle tissue became loose, the product was subjected to spoilage and to use it is not recommended, even if it has no odor.

Earlier, experts told about the ten toxic ingredients that are available in almost every kitchen. In threat, the list includes, for example potatoes, tomatoes, avlaki and radish.

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