The Creator of a public

the press service of the Moscow police confirmed the information to the media on excitation of two new criminal cases against the makers of a public “Ombudsman police” Vladimir Vorontsov.

we are Talking about criminal cases for extortion and pornography. Thus, only the ex-police officer to date filed four cases, two for extortion and two for the distribution of pornography.

According to police, Vorontsov extorted from a former employee of the police of 30 thousand rubles for non-proliferation on the Internet personal videos with pornographic content.

In another case on pornography victims is also a former policeman. The consequence considers that Vorontsov extorted from the ex-employee of the Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow underground about 300 thousand rubles for non-proliferation of intimate images.

In early may, a court in Moscow arrested Vorontsov for up to 6 July.

on the Eve it became known about the arrest of journalist Ilya Azar, staged a picket in support of Vorontsov. In turn, in support of hazard came the journalists. It was reported about the arrest of GU MVD in Moscow, Sergey Smirnov, Tatyana Felgenhauer, Michael Fishman.

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