Friday, members of the Cure had a new reason to be in love. More than 25 years after the release of his hit Friday I m in Love , the british group led by Robert Smith made his entrance on the 29th of march at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, the pantheon of rock. The quintet was inducted at the same time as Janet Jackson, Radiohead, Roxy Music, The Zombie, Deff Lepard.

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The legendary american folk-rock, Stevie Nicks is about to become the first woman to be crowned two times by the famous temple of the rock and popular music located in Cleveland (Ohio), where she was already honored as a member of the group Fleetwood Mac.

A gala concert given at the Barclays Center in New York celebrated the seven entrants for the year 2019 in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, which admits that the artists who have recorded their first album at least 25 years. The list of the happy elected representatives had been unveiled in December.

women from the pantheon!

Stevie Nicks opened the show with some Stand Back , featuring the shawl original that she wore in the famous video clip of the song. The singer, 70 years of age, who, after the Fleetwood Mac solo career since 1981, became the first woman to be entered twice in the “Hall of Fame”. Backstage, she told reporters that she “opened the door to other women to say: Hey dude, I can get there!”

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As to the pop singer Janet Jackson, 52 years old, she joined the pantheon, the Jackson 5, and his brother Michael, as the “Hall of Fame” has refused to remove from its list of legends of rock, despite the accusations of pedophilia of which he was the subject in a recent documentary-shock. “Tonight, your little sister is here!” she launched to the spectators of the concert, calling the “Hall of fame” to “induct more women” in 2020.

The inclusion of Janet Jackson demonstrates the willingness of the Hall of Fame not to be confined to the rock in the strict sense of the term. It has already hosted a number of rappers, or artists from the folk, reggae, soul and R&B.

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Made a rare, Janet Jackson has refused, however, to sing. Several u.s. media have attributed this refusal to the fact that the concert was broadcast by the network HBO, which had broadcast the documentary Leaving Neverland on his brother. Radiohead has also failed to occur on stage during the concert, snubbed by his lead singer Thom Yorke, who recently said “jaded” by this type of honors.