She had the gift of making people laugh. Actress Anne Bourguignon, called Anemone, it is the unforgettable Teresa in The Father christmas is a scumbag, the rebellious Princess Charlotte in The Marriage of the century , or the incomparable Raymonde Bidochon in The Bidochons. The actress and screenwriter “became extinct in the early morning of April 30, of the suites of a long illness,” said her agent Elisabeth Tanner.

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“She had this power comic, at the same time she was very beautiful, very attractive, and very mad, she was always very mad”

Michel Blanc, RTL

“I have the memory of a great actress, with whom we shared great moments of fun and laughter and exceptional,” responded Christian clavier with the AFP, who said his “great sadness”. “I didn’t know she was sick, but Anemone was not someone that was spreading about his private life,” said Josiane Balasko, which refers to an “eccentric cinema”, “a great actress, which at the bottom has little shot”. “She has done wonderful things after the [ The Father Christmas is a junk], it was The Great Journey “, recalls Michel Blanc on RTL. She had this power comic, at the same time she was very beautiful, very attractive, and very crazy, she has always been very crazy.”

Anne of Burgundy, daughter of the psychiatrist André Bourguignon and Clear Justin-Besançon and outcome of the big bourgeoisie of paris, is a teenage rebel. After having been expelled from her high school, she discovers the cultural “underground”. There she rubbed shoulders with some of the artists, including the writer, Marc O and the filmmaker Philippe Garrel. It is he that has made it turn in her first film, Anemone in 1968, who would give him his stage name. The youth of the actress is rich. In her interviews, she did not hesitate to confide on his evenings crazy in New York in the loft of Andy Warhol.

The young woman then launches into the café-théâtre, where she dines almost nightly with Coluche, who gives him his first major role in 1977 in You will not have Alsace and Lorraine. Of his years in the troupe du Splendid, she does not keep a lot of contact, except with Michel Blanc, François Keyboard and Thierry Lhermitte. “We tried to explain but…”, alludes to it in Gala in 2014 about the stories conflict between them on its percentage in The Father Christmas is a junk .

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“As I was labeled comedy, I was necessarily ugly. And as I was funny, I was vulgar. Yet it is much more difficult to play comedy than the registry, the dramatic”

Anemone in Télérama in 2017

The year 1982 marks a turning point in his career, as it becomes ever for the general public, the Teresa of S. O. S. Distress-Friendship in the movie by Jean-Marie Poiré. “It is late, very late, it is eaten without hunger.” “Oh, a mop, it’s great Theresa, I’m delighted… No, Peter, it is a vest”… replicas of the Father Christmas is a junk have become cults, such as her character to volunteer a little stuck. It will not keep good memories of that time and was said to be angry with the troupe du Splendid for stories money. A fâcherie “ultimately,” she said in the World .

The comedies are his creed. Yet, it is thanks to a role in a drama film, The Great Journey, that she won in 1998 the Cesar for best actress. “I had to fight to get roles seriously!, regretted it in 2017, in an interview to Télérama. As I was labeled comedy, for the people, I was necessarily ugly. And as I was funny, I was vulgar. Yet it is much more difficult to play comedy than the registry dramatic. All the comic actors have a gift dramatic, whereas the reverse is not necessarily true. I would have loved to enter at the Comédie-Française. But I wasn’t the type to take the bells.”

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In “Miss Werner”, at the théâtre des Variétés in 2006. Gorassini Giancarlo/Gorassini Giancarlo/ABACA

Always very straightforward, Anemone do not hesitate to say that his son Jacob was “boring live”. Her daughter Lily is not always spared either. “Children, it eats, it eats, and after it vanishes!, gave it to Gala. When you have them, you say goodbye to your life, your person, at all!” Bad mother? Not easy, but generous grand-mother. For several years, abandoning the cinema, she had found the pleasure of the boards until his last role in 2017 in the room The Knots in the handkerchief. Then, at the end of the year 2017, she announced her retirement in expressing his bitterness over the evolution of the profession of an actress, regretting that “the money (to be) taken over everything, everywhere!” “I decided to be an artist, not selling the movies, or theatre plays”, utter it Paris .

In 2018, however, ella turned one last feature-length film, The currency of their play, by Anne Le Ny, his last feature film. But she preferred his last years continuing his commitment to non-profit and activist. Her other passions are reading and the environment. She was said to have been sensitized by his brother, the agronomist Claude Bourguignon. She has been the spokesperson of the association alter-globalization Attac in 2002.