The piece begins with a game of chess. Hugh Preston, presenter, star of the BBC, bat chastised his wife Liz. To matt, he told him to have discovered his deception. Madame is entichée of John Brownlow, a handsome trader belgian have plenty of money. Great prince, he proposed to him to take the fault to his charge in view of divorce proceedings. The party will only stop at the drop of the curtain.

Popularized in France by a directed by Pierre Mondy, with Jean Poiret in the seventies, this Duck à l’orange is still as tasty. More than that, it denotes in the current landscape of the comedies of boulevard by the finesse of his writing. The text of William Douglas-Home may be fifty years old, he is a hit at every replica. We appreciate the fine flower of the humor in English, without heaviness and with spirit, without pretension but with nobility.

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In a vintage scene did not escape the law of the genre – an inside deliciously bourgeois (signed John Haas) wallpapers sophisticated – Nicolas Briançon is a king who wants to reclaim his queen. He moves his first pawn: invite on the weekend of his rival, and show a polite suspect. Horse in E7: he lets himself be beat at tennis, offered him flowers, he serves scotches per pair. He goes on to castling: invite his or her secretary, the arsonist Mrs Forsyth (aka “Patty Pat”), this small sauterie.

Distributed and absurd humor Popularized in France by Pierre Mondy and Jean Poiret in the 1970s, this “Duck to the orange” is still as delicious. Celine Nieszawer

as a director, Nicolas Briançon has tightened up the room and modernized the game, while taking the side delightfully old-fashioned of the whole (of the three shots to the salvation of the actors). As a performer, he has an agenda, cabotine, seduced, took the lid off and takes a fun monster on stage. It has so much spread (“What a shame you have to have my sweetheart to be married to be a cuckold!”) as silly humor (“Take ice cubes, you should take advantage of it is the season!”). By knowing how to clear in front of his playing partners, impeccable.

Under the suit tiles Brownlow, François Vincentelli is built on a belgian accent impossible, and reveals little by little a character is fat and hollow, happy lewd, under the blows of shy of his enemy. Alice Dufour, in the role of “Patty Pat”, has long legs like a day without bread on his heels endless. All in finesse, it embodies with a false air of holy little hypocrite this secretary with long teeth. “In three minutes, she would put any one-way street”, flatters Preston. Sophie Artur, the old housekeeper, is shocked by both of depravity. Armed with a rigour very british, she crosses the room, handing out thoughts offended.

Anne Charrier (Liz), finally, is impressive. All the humanity of the piece lies in his character: love, tragic in the middle of the lightness of the other. The joke, it brings the background. Any game sentimental has its consequences. In Douglas-Home also, you don’t fool around with love. Nicolas Briançon has understood. Checkmate.

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