The Deputy of Moscow city Council has noted the influence of online discussions on the renovation of the audience growth

Online discussion projects renovation expand their audience. As reported TASS, said the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Committee on state building and local government Alexander Kozlov. “I would not rule out that the vote and the admission of residents in an online format will be parallel instruments for a wider coverage of residents, participants, experts, when it is impossible to collect a large number of people. Remote methods allow communication online almost unlimited number of participants,” he said. Kozlov said that “many have some distrust, a fear that the system time does not work and something will not be taken into account”. However, he expressed his hope that this “rejection” take place. The Deputy also said that in Zoom mode-conferences answered questions of inhabitants of the settlement Desenovskoe. “People are directly learned all about buying extra square meters when you move the renovation programme, about useful online tools available on the Foundation’s website about how you can monitor the progress of construction of houses. This was the second such online consultation for the renovation, organized by my initiative. The first time we communicated with the residents of the city district Shcherbinka. There will be a follow — hold such meetings for residents of all other settlements in my constituency, participating in the renovation programme,” promised the goats.

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