The dietician told what kind of meat is the most dangerous

the Most dangerous for the human body is a goose. This was told by the specialist in nutrition, physiotherapist and nutritionist Marina Vaulina, writes Cursorinfo.

According to her, the goose fat is heavy for digestion and generally for the body, and the meat itself is fatty and promotes weight gain and can aggravate the symptoms of obesity. Fully meat the goose should be discontinued when disease of the pancreas, symptoms of atherosclerosis and the presence of diabetes.

No less harm can cause the consumption of pork and lamb. The nutritionist added that it was imperative how the meat is prepared — it is better to digest the fact that boiled, steamed or any other “diet” way.” While before cooking the meat is soaked in a soy sauce, yogurt or lemon juice.

Vaulina also recommended not to buy meat that is vacuum Packed, as a clipping, perhaps repeatedly frozen and thawed.

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