“Watch the movie and hear us, Mr. President !”

Ladj Ly on France Inter

police killings, prostitution of young women by gangs is nigerian, the influence of the muslim brotherhood on the younger… The term “movie punch” is circulating in the corridors of the palais des Festivals. For many, Les Misérables , the first film of Ladj Ly, recalls the flood Hate in 1995, when Mathieu Kassovitz was brought Cannes to its knees. Interviewed by The new yorker this Wednesday, in the wake of the screening of his film on the Croisette, the director of malian origin, do not hide it, “the goal is to send a scream alert to the policies and say: “Attention, the situation could escalate.”” And propose: “If Macron wants to see the film, we organized a screening at the Elysée palace.”

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“The next revolution, it will arrive neighbourhoods, suburbs, it’s going to explode”

Ladj Ly on France Inter

“Watch the movie and hear us, Mr. President!”: convinced of the ticking time bomb represented by these “abandoned districts”, Ladj Ly was made more binding on France Inter. “The next revolution, it will arrive neighbourhoods, the suburbs, he warns. It’s going to explode.” In 1995, the output of Hate , the Prime minister Alain Juppé had, it is said, actually watch the movie with Vincent Cassel to its teams. “Do not abandon this youth, because it is the future of France, continues Ladj Ly to the address of the head of State. And today, it feels totally abandoned.”

“In the cities, it’s been twenty years that one is “yellow vests””

“I wanted to make a film very realistic, fair, and without judgment, who is neither anti-cops or anti cailleras”, explains Ladj Ly. The self-taught 39-year-old knows his subject. He lives in Clichy Montfermeil, which serves as the framework and the setting for les Misérables . In particular, the Bosquets, 5400 inhabitants, 40% unemployment and 33% are immigrants. In 2005, there had already directed a web-documentary about the riots that had inflamed 300 communes in France, 365 days in Clichy Montfermeil .

“In the cities, it’s been twenty years that one is “yellow vests”: it denounces the social misery in which we live… and we received shots of flash-balls in the mouth”, takes Ladj Ly. But the filmmaker wants to “be fair”: Les Misérables , all the inhabitants of the city that the members of the security forces who watch over them. “When I put myself in the shoes of a police officer who is there every day to turn in an average of eight hours in the district, they also live this misery.” Then, Les Misérables in a private meeting at the Elysée palace, a good opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to prove its commitment to the social peace in full race European?