archaeologists have announced Monday the discovery in the land of the Fjords from a ship wreck viking, buried in a region of the country known for its many historical remains. What light a little bit more about the history of these famous warriors and navigators of the Middle Ages, which never ceases to fascinate both the television and the movies, or even comics.

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The boat was detected using a ground penetrating radar (or ground penetrating radar), to the interior of a mound covering a burial in a park, in the county of Vestfold, in the south-east of Oslo, where relics vikings are regularly unearthed. “The images show a form of boat (…). It is impossible at this stage to determine the state of preservation of the wreck under the peat,” said Terje Gansum, director of the cultural heritage of Vestfold in a press release.

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additional measurements by ground penetrating radar will be conducted before a hypothetical excavation. “The discovery of a viking ship in Vestfold’s history. It was conducted in a region already rich in its past viking”, welcomed the minister in charge of the Climate and the environment, Ola Elvestuen, welcoming a discovery “of global reach”.

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There are seven wrecks known of boats dating back to the viking age in Europe, of which three are identified in the same county. The remains of a boat, a viking, have also been located last year in the south-eastern part of the scandinavian country. The Viking age during which the warriors and merchants of Northern Europe have sailed the seas between the Eighth and Eleventh centuries, it was customary to bury kings and leaders aboard a boat hoisted to the ground and buried under a mound.