Ronen Dahan, a disc jockey of israel, better known under his stage name, DJ Perplex, was murdered by gun in the night from Saturday to Sunday during a festival, in the city of San Luis Potosi, 300 miles North of Mexico city. According to the paper El Universal , “a group of gunmen” jumped out of a truck, opened fire and fled. The police were notified around 6 o’clock in the morning. Dispatched on the spot, the police have found two dead and two wounded.

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one of The body corresponds to “a man who was carrying identity papers in the name of Dahan, 45 years, of israeli nationality and that was probably the DJ of the evening,” said the district attorney’s office. This is Ronen Dahan. The musician, born in France, lived in the region of Stockholm and travelled around the world to perform at the concert. He was the father of the family. The other victim, identified by the prosecutor’s office under his family name, Alvaro, was 31 years old. The wounded were able to be rescued in time ; their vital prognosis is not engaged.

Ronen Dahan had happened at the beginning of the month of June for a long tour of Mexico, sharing with its of 116,000 subscribers on Facebook videos of his shows in the country, and its gastronomic discoveries. A final recording of a fan of the show behind the turntables on Saturday night, a few hours before his death.

The bloody war of the cartels

The investigation of the mexican police continues to understand the reasons for the shooting and whether it fits within the framework of a confrontation of drug cartels rivals. San Luis Potosi is located in the heart of a war of the gangs are particularly violent, including the Jalisco Nueva Generacion, the growing power in Mexico. The killers do not hesitate to kill in the middle of the street, at parties or in restaurants.

In April, 13 people, including a minor, were killed by gunmen during a birthday party in Veracruz, in the South of the country. In November 2018, in the same city, five people were killed in full celebration of family. The daily life of a country where the number of murders amounted to 33.341 in 2018.