The doctor explained why the Russians can overeat on insulation

the Main reason people gain weight during the isolation of mers — stress. This broadcast network broadcast of the “Evening Moscow”, said dietician, doctor of medical Sciences the Academy of natural Sciences Alexey Kovalkov.

“the Man is in a Studio apartment where you live sister, mother-in-law, two kids, and so on. This can be compared to a prison, where you poke a lot of people. In normal life they used to come home in the evening, quickly eat and go to bed. The constant need to communicate causes stress, and stress is the hormone cortisol,” explained the doctor.

He added that this hormone promotes rapid weight gain.

According to him, the day a person can gain 150 grams of fat, but in stress, this figure may increase to 250-300 grams.

the Nutritionist advised him to eliminate from the diet sugar, white polished rice, potatoes, white bread, juice and honey.

Informed RBC with reference to the research holding “ROMIR” reported that the index, reflecting the share of expenses of Russians on the Food Index in April reached a record 46%.

“compared with March, the index increased by 26%. At the same time against the last year index rising by 46%”, — stated in the message of “ROMIR”.

According to the holding, the products of the average Russian family spent in April 26 thousand rubles, while its total expenditure amounted to 56,8 thousand rubles.

Explained that the growth in spending on food is associated with the increase in food prices. Yet the growth of spending on food can be associated with purchasing products before the period of isolation, but the effect of this was almost leveled within one month, specified in “ROMIR”.

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