The doctor has warned of the dangers of diet during the period of the coronavirus

Strict mono undermine the immune system and thereby pose a risk during a pandemic coronavirus. This alerted the dietitian Svetlana Titova, noting that people often experiment on myself and trying to eat only apples, only protein or low fat products.

the Expert stressed that strict diets often lead to failure and loss result. Nutritionist in an interview to “Moscow 24” recommended that those wishing to get into shape without damage to health to go on a balanced diet and to cook light meals. Expert advice is often to eat seasonal berries, fruits and vegetables.

Titov also believes that it is important to remember the old rule: the Breakfast needs to be tighter, and dinner, on the contrary, easy. Fasting days specialist support.

Recall that in recent days in Russia revealed 8894 new cases of coronavirus in 84 regions.

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