The doctor told how to get rid of dependence on sweets

to get Rid of dependence on sweet in just 24 hours. This was announced by the oncologist proctologist and Elena Smirnova.

She explained that addiction to sweet occurs because bacteria in the intestine that are “manipulated” by a man “forcing” him to eat a lot of desserts, reports the edition “Constantinople”.

the Physician told me that the bacteria received a portion of sweet, even more multiply and “require” more products like this.

Smirnova advises to get rid of dependence on desserts. For this, according to her, a person needs at least a day to abandon sladostej. As a result, bacteria, not getting the desired, begin to die. The doctor predicts a noticeable effect almost immediately.

the Expert also said that the longer people will continue to not eat sweets, the less will be its dependence, and it can even disappear forever.

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