The doctor told me kind of protection from coronavirus is more effective medical masks

Medical masks perform the function of protection against coronavirus infection, however there are fairly common, but more effective. This was told by the doctor-the virologist from the center of epidemiology and Microbiology them. Gamalei Victor Larichev.

As the expert noted, virus particles do not fly through the air, but is contained in droplets of saliva and mucus, which are emitted from the body when the person speaks and coughs or sneezes.

Medical mask can protect from these drops, but it is better with this task, according to the doctor, can handle construction dust masks. “Most likely, they are even more effective than a medical face mask because they sit tighter, they are more small particles are detained, but both work,” said Larichev, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Recall that in some regions of the country, including in Moscow, put a mask mode mask must be worn in public places, including transport, shops, workplaces.

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