The doctor told me what kinds of Breakfast are the most harmful

Some types of Breakfast can contribute to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and lead to lisea weight and diabetes. This was told by the gastroenterologist capital (Russian national research medical University) im. N. And. Pirogova Irina Botanova.

According to him, this in particular applies to the breakfasts, which mainly consist of carbohydrates. So, among the most dangerous, contrary to stereotypes, include a Breakfast of oatmeal. However, it is fair in relation to the instant oatmeal. As the doctor noted, declinazione cereal, white bread, sweets and pastries in the morning cause sharp increase in blood glucose, which leads to enhanced production of insulin by the pancreas.

“there is a feeling of hunger, weakness, because brain lacks sugar. Next start helping you satisfy your hunger, levels of glucose and insulin rise again. If this cycle is repeated during the day again and again, this leads to the development of carbohydrate based on” — quoted Polyanovo “Magicforum”.

Such “swing” is hard to withstand the pancreas, and eventually leads to the development of diabetes and weight gain.

At the same Breakfast that includes protein, fiber (complex carbohydrates), fat, for the body is useful, the expert noted.

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