The doctor told me, where the expected second wave COVID-19

infectious disease Physician and vaccinologist Evgeny Timakov has predicted what will be the second wave of coronavirus.

According to the doctor, RIA “Novosti”, the second wave COVID-19 should be expected in the countries and regions governed by the rigid quarantine, for example, in China. Timakov believes that she could be in Russia less pronounced and may begin in those Russian regions, where the first wave was a little sick.

the Doctor explained that the second wave is expected, where the population not yet immune layer.

the Expert also expressed the opinion that the risk of a second wave of infection is and it depends on the behavior of the people themselves. It is important that people complied with the mask mode.

Just today in Russia 379 thousand identified 51 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. In recent days in Russia revealed 8371 new case.

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