The marquise of O… , Eric Rohmer, 1976

Eric Rohmer, who signs here one of his first films, special Grand prix of Cannes in 1976, and it adapts faithfully the text of von Kleist focused on the marquise fell mysteriously pregnant. Bruno Ganz plays a Russian count who first presents as her protector but who in reality, has violated this young widow during her sleep. In this suite of paintings as aesthetic, actor, theatrical, remade with talent the German romanticism.

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The american friend , Wim Wenders, 1977

In this adaptation cold on the novel by Patricia Highsmith Ripley has fun , Bruno Ganz plays a man sentenced by a leukemia and who finds himself involved in a project of assassination mounted by Tom Ripley, the sociopathic favorite american novelist, played by dennis Hopper.

wings of desire , Wim Wenders, 1987

In this classic black-and-white by Wim Wenders, Prix de la mise en scene at Cannes, Bruno Ganz is Damiel, an angel with white wings, and silky, which ensures the Berliners sad and solitary, before the fall of the Wall. For love of a trapeze artist, he wants to become a man.

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Eternity and a day , Theo Angelopoulos, 1998

Bruno Ganz embodies Alexander, a great writer condemned by the disease that will take under his wing a small Albanian cross at a red light, and to whom it will make cross the border. This strange journey where past and present intermingle is the Golden Palm to the filmmaker Greek Theo Angelopoulos. Solitary and laconic, Bruno Ganz, as a man who is dying, people beautifully this film by his silence and his gaze, which listens to the world.

The fall , Olivier Hirschbiegel, 2004

He is Hitler in The fall , the first film to explore the intimacy of the dictator during the last days that he spends between 20 April and 2 may 1945, hid in a bunker. Paranoid, tyrannical, Bruno Ganz embodies the man at the time the most pathetic of his life. The actor delved into the archives and sound recordings for reproducing the trembling voice of the Führer. Hitler appears. The discomfort would not exist without its exceptional performance. The film is controversial, does not get an Oscar nomination.