It was not planned. Not expected at all. But it has been requested. Who other than him to write a show in a few weeks and will launch, in the company of the one Christophe Meynet, on the stage of the Théâtre Antoine?

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Edward Baer has found the idea quite amazing. A hook. A situation. We won’t say no more because it is triggering quite funny, which allows him, then, to wander at its own discretion. Don’t hold the title a little intimidating: The Rantings of a man suddenly seized by the grace are a kind of vagrancy. We talk about theatre, of course! But, above all, Edward Baer evokes the writers important to him. With only one interlocutor, a man who is both the keeper and the steward of the room, he called to those he admires. Charles Bukowski and Thomas Bernhard, André Malraux or Jean Moulin, Romain Gary, of which he retains the courage, the spirit, the talent… Until the fascination for death and suicide.

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Attention, anything that can seal a friendly atmosphere and untied. Falsely casual, charming, Édouard Baer entertains and amuses audiences captivated and laughing very heartily.

● Théâtre Antoine 14, bd de Strasbourg (Xe).
Tel.: 01 42 08 77 71. Hours: of the mar. at the sam. at 20: 30.
Seating: from 17 to 68 €. Duration: 1: 20 pm. Until , June 15.BOOK >