The ECHR ordered Russia to pay 20 thousand euros to Russian, which for years was beaten by her husband until the police

the Citizen of Russia Svetlana Palshina few years have experienced physical violence by a former husband. The woman complained to the police for beatings and threats, but the wife has not been prosecuted a single case.

as a result she has appealed to the European court of human rights, which after the proceedings has obliged the Russian authorities to pay 20 thousand euros to the victim of domestic violence, recognizing that against the Russians violations of articles of the Convention on the protection of human rights regarding the prohibition of torture and discrimination.

“Russia does not accept the laws on the protection of victims of domestic violence and “reluctant to recognize the seriousness and extent of problems”,” — reads the statement of the ECHR, which is published on the court’s website.

at the same time the ECHR has appointed more than 40 thousand euros in compensation to three residents of St. Petersburg that participated in 2007-m to year in the opposition rally “March of dissent” and beaten on her police — pensioner Alexander Kazantsev broke a rib and caused a head injury, his wife Natalia was hit with a truncheon, and Olga Tsepilova broke my nose.

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