The EU has estimated chances of Russia to join G7

the Head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell commented on the statement by us President Donald trump plans to invite Russia to the G7 summit.

According to Borrell, the chairmanship of the G7 the United States have a number of prerogatives, for example, “to send targeted invitations to third countries, reflecting the priorities”, but I can’t change the composition of the format due to new countries. He recalled that Russia had previously been part of a group called G8, but then the format was changed to G7 and remains so. According to him, is “a vital format for the countries United by common values and shared commitments”, it quotes “Interfax”.

Previously, the trump called the G7 format is inefficient and announced plans to invite to the summit, Russia, India, South Korea and Australia. Later the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has declared that Russia will remain outside the G7 format, as not meeting international standards.

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