The ex-President of Kyrgyzstan agrees to go to court, if it takes place in Belarus

Hiding in Belarus, former Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev in absentia condemned in the homeland to 30 years of imprisonment, proposed to hold over him the international court of justice.

“I’m starting in April 2010, spoke about the independent investigation under the auspices of the UN or whoever, but nobody wanted it, and it is understandable why,” he said in comments 24.Kg.

Bakiyev urged the Kyrgyz authorities to acknowledge, “for example, the jurisdiction of the international criminal court, the Hague Tribunal or of the Council of Europe on human rights”. “If there is a legal mechanism to hold court in the Republic of Belarus — a real, outdoor… I would have asked to participate in this process as a defendant for all their trumped-up charges”.

the Former President promised to “go to jail”, if an independent court finds him guilty.

Kurmanbek Bakiev became President of Kyrgyzstan in 2005 as a result of “Tulip Revolution”, when it was overthrown Askar Akayev. Lost his post five years later after an armed coup. Live in Belarus, according to media reports, in 2012 received Belarusian citizenship.

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