The ex-the chief of district of Novosibirsk, was dismissed due to

the Former boss of the district officer of Novosibirsk Elena Ustinova, who was fired after a public “Ombudsman police” appeared by recording her orders to hold “at least 8-10” of violators of the regime of isolation, sued the Ministry of internal Affairs.

As the press service of the Kalinin district court of Novosibirsk, the court received its statement of claim with the requirement to the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs about restoration on work to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on recovery of salaries for the period of forced absence and compensation for moral damage. Grounds Ustinov’s listed in the lawsuit, the press service of the court did not elaborate.

Recall that the incident with the dismissal of Ustinova has been the recent high-profile newsworthy information to the public “Ombudsman of the police”. After that its founder and administrator, a former policeman Vladimir Vorontsov was arrested with the participation of special forces. According to official statistics, he opened four cases: two for extortion and two for pornography.

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