The expert told about the probability to be infected by the coronavirus in the pool

the Threat of catching the a new type of coronavirus in the pool exists, but not through water. This information was provided by the Russian specialist in biological protection Georgy Frolov.

“by Itself, the water is not dangerous because when processed using special disinfectants”, — the expert quoted by the TV channel “Star”.

In places through which the visitors, the risk of infection is. Frolov explained that meant changing rooms, showers and toilets. However, the virus can be destroyed due to the regular sanitation of these premises.

Extra protection from the pathogen COVID-19 provides wash with soap or shampoo before and after swimming in the pool. “Even if the virus briefly hit the body, then in the shower you wash away” — said the expert.

out of the pool involves touching various surfaces, which can be a virus. To get rid of it will help or antiseptic wipes.

Frolov also called swim came to observe the distancing from each other.

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