This is a success that Pierre-François Heuclin, director of Vaison Dances happened last year, can be proud of. With five shows in 2018, one more than in 2017, the festival has seen a stream of spectators unexpected sit under the stars that adorn the ancient theatre of 2500 seats. “We have doubled the number of spectators compared to 2017, with 10 000 spectators. The Vaisonnais have recaptured their festival.”, he said.

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Happy of this result, Jean-François Perilhou, the mayor various right of Vaison-la-Romaine announced that there would be six performances in 2020. For this year, there are still only five. Pierre-François Heuclin has chosen to celebrate one hundred and fifty years choreographers. Place to dance! This festival, which up until now played host to a circus show breaks this year with the usual… “in order to better come back in 2020, when we will have six shows,” announces Heuclin which for the moment is committed to make it come to Vaison companies that there has never been seen before.

one Hundred and fifty years of choreographers, it is the easy and the less easy: “But the public of Vaison la romaine has been well-trained by my predecessors, who have brought him to parts demanding since the inception of the festival 23 years ago,” notes Heuclin. That lends itself to the same kind of game. As an opening, it program choreographed by Marius Petipa. His Don Quixote was created at the Bolshoi in Moscow here are 150 years old. It the program in Vaison on July 13, 2019. It is the Ballet of Nice, who will come to the dance, with in the roles of Basilio and Kitri, with its two exceptional Cuban, Luis Valle and Marlen Fuerte. Balances, jumps, sensuality, brought to the Russian… these two dancers are beads and have mastered ballet in a wonderful manner. They have grown up with him: Don Quixote is without a doubt the ballet that goes better with the blood cuban. To complete this distribution is non-standard, Eric Vu an, will play the hero to the sad figure. There will not be sixty dancers on stage, but only thirty-five. But the atmosphere will be at the party and sparks of the beautiful classical dance.

150 years of choreography,

Gallotta takes over on July 17, with My Ladies Rock , a piece where the choreographer tells the epic story of the rock of women. From Janis Joplin to Nico, he wanders between the tubes, tells their muses, choreography of the songs. “Incredible but true, Gallotta had never come to Vaison la romaine. Redress is made,” says Pierre-François Heuclin. He then, on July 20, the company barcelona It Dansa, dancers international phase of professionalization. They will be performing three pieces as tonics that they signed Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (the poignant In Memoriam ), Akram Khan (percussion Kaash ), and Alexander Ekman (the frantic Whim , where the chairs are flying with a little less elegance than the swifts in a summer sky). Emanuel Gat follows the 24, with resumption of his Rite of spring and a given part in world creation. Mourad Merzouki -never came to him either in Vaison – ensures a final jubilant the 27, with Boxing, boxing, boxing performed by brazilian dancers.

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Around these key appointment of a festival, off to get organized. “Last year, Lil Buck had organized a battle with the students of the School Badaboum circus and hip-hop based in Vaison la romaine for 30 years. This has reinforced the desire of the inhabitants to join in the dance”, said Heuclin. That program courses public, mega gigabarre cours Taulignan, workshops, and performances of the regional companies in the nymphaeum ancient. The cheaper seats are 3 euros minimum, compared to 7 euros at the théâtre antique. So, we dance?