The government of the Russian Federation suggested when to start mass vaccination from COVID-19

Mass vaccination of the population of the Russian Federation from the coronavirus can begin in the fall. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

According to him, reports “Interfax”, the work on the vaccine is in full swing”. Authorities are “very excited” results. Chernyshenko noted that, according to experts, in case of success of mass vaccination can begin in the fall.

But, he stressed, all the “need to learn to live with given the risks of infection”. Chernyshenko also said that the health care system of the Russian Federation sustained peak load, has a growing margin of safety. According to him, the situation with coronavirus in Russia has a tendency to stabilize.

we will Remind, earlier today it was reported that in the coming days, the defense Ministry will begin clinical tests of a domestic vaccine against a coronavirus COVID-19. For these purposes, selected 50 volunteers from among the military personnel, including five women. All of them have been testing for the past month they have not had anything.

the First group of volunteers will begin to survey and preparation for the experiment tomorrow, June 3, on the basis of the 48th Central research Institute of the Ministry of defense.

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