It is past close of the drama. Alex Vizorek has failed to become a banker. “With my studies in the best business schools in Belgium, I would have had to find myself in the pages salmon Figaro and I have the chance to be in the interview culture. You see the species of recovery of control over my life that I had to undertake,” muses the comedian, who is France Inter on the side of her compatriot Charline Vanhoenacker (“Jupiter”), or from Ardisson, in “Hi earthlings”. A programme in which he talks about news of course, but also contemporary art. To the tune of the show, Alex Vizorek is a work, it plays for nearly ten years, which has a great deal to make him known in our country.

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A one-man show, which is free of the laws of the genre as it is about classical music, of art ancient and contemporary, philosophy, and cinema, including Death in Venice of Visconti, which is not necessarily a guarantee of a big poilade. And yet, we laugh. Because he has a deceptively naive approach to these disciplines. Because he manages to create a dialogue between André Malraux and Luis Fernandez (yes, the ex-footballer), although we do not know always who is the more intelligible of the two. And dare the marriage between Maurice Ravel and Pamela Anderson between two comments on the political situation in the French or the belgian royal family. “Because art, he says, it is like politics, you don’t need to know how to talk about it”. In a word, it plays on our emotions. Those that can cause a canvas a monochrome of Lucio Fontana, for example. It implies a rejection or a genuine admiration.

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Asked by François Aubel, editor-in-chief of the service culture and tv of the Figaro , Alex Vizorek entrust his sources of inspiration. Her mother, who, since his young age, gave him a taste of the museums. Fabrice Luchini, who has given him the desire to write a show and sees it as “the greatest French comedian”, Stephanie Battle, his film director met on the benches of the Cours Florent, and with which it intends to continue to work. This interview is also an opportunity to gauge his report to France. “It is true that I myself feel almost French, even for tax purposes”, has fun there. Before recognizing that it is a lesson, certainly of art, but a lesson all the same, and this remains a specialty of our country. BOOK >