In The Mystery of Henri Pick, the new movie from Rémi Bezançon, with whom she has already turned in Our future s, Camille Cottin plays Josephine Pick, the daughter of the pizzaiolo (pizza maker), author of a so-called best-seller discovered the library of Crozon. Precisely, in the room of the manuscripts rejected. Except that a great literary critic, Jean-Michel Rouche, played by Fabrice Luchini, does not believe at all to this story. It is the beginning for him of an investigation to track, from Paris to the tip of Finistère, the author of this imposture literary…

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the Investigation that will be conducted with Josephine Pick, which, itself, believes that only very moderately to the capacity of his father to write a book. And even more such invoice. Adapted very loosely from the novel by David Foenkinos by Rémi Bezançon and his wife Vanessa, this film reveals the beautiful complicity between the actress, who once revealed by its role in the pellet, humorous, Conasse, and Fabrice Luchini.

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when Asked by François Aubel, Camille Cottin tells the story of how she worked with the actor in this comedy in which the is partners. What it has brought him in the game. And how one who has so often portrayed characters of Paris if not appalling in the least bohemians, has approached its role of daughter brittany, who wishes to protect his family.

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It is also an occasion to look back on his career. The beginnings of this former student of the cours Jean Périmony on the boards at the end of the 1990s to its integration in the group of Pierre Palmade, which had as early as 2009, he said, the “swiss army knife” of the band. Through his experience at the tv, “Bitch”, therefore, but especially in the role that had made him famous, that of the officer André Martel of the series Ten percent of which it entrusts to appreciate the femininity and the insurance. A series very popular in the United States and in England that could open doors to the international. Which, she confesses, she would not.

In the meantime, we will soon be in the next film by Cédric Klapisch, Two me , a love story hyperconnected that meet as François Civil, and Ana Girardot. And in Spellbound , the first film of Sarah Suco in which she plays alongside Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Eric Caravaca, a mother of four children taken in the nets of a sect. Before, why not, back to Fabrice Luchini, he continues to deliver to him all his mysteries.