to Show the vertigo of separation. Approaching closer to the gaping chasm that causes the departure of the loved one. All the more profound that Stephen has left Mathilde to his first and true love, Iris. “I wanted to work on the difficulty of living when her reason to live has disappeared. On the decay of love,” explains David Foenkinos about this book in which he admits a certain closeness with the original screenplay of Jealous , the movie with Karine Viard that he had made with his brother Stéphane.

sentimental education Flaubert serves as a crutch to Mathilde. She knows the slightest inflection. Understood the psychology of the characters, the codes, so that it can’t find an ounce of reason in his existence and his love story that ends badly. “The more analysis sentimental Education the less she understands. There is something quite breathtaking in this misunderstanding. It should read, of course, but the novels are of no use to understand life”, he observes. His character suffers from having read too much. Matilda is locked in the words. She can’t turn the page.

David Foenkinos is also exploring, as often in his books, the second life. The second chance. The one that was offered to him at sixteen years old, when he was suffering from a serious heart disease. This break up of destiny in his novels was in some way breaking its own line of life which he transfigures. With some success: Delicacy novel, which has sold 1.3 million copies offered him a new life.

Asked by François Aubel, the novelist also refers to adaptation, full of tenderness, he said, from his novel The mystery of Henri Pick by Rémi Bezançon, the director of the First day of the rest of my life . And how, on the screen, this one has managed to give birth to an exceptional complicity between Fabrice Luchini and Camille Cottin. “The success of the film lies for me in the general tone of the film. It is quite encouraging in this survey of the literary where the two heroes spend their time throwing spades, ” he says. I find that the playful aspect of the book very well preserved, with this duo, very exciting.” A duo that we will be able to discover on the 6th of march at the cinema and which we present to you a preview below.

The mystery of Henri Pick [VF] [trailer]

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