The head of DIT: IN Moscow from mid-January worked solutions to combat coronavirus

Specialists of the Department of information technology (DIT) of Moscow since mid-January, worked on technical solutions to combat the pandemic of coronavirus, said the head of the DIT Eduard Lysenko TASS.

a comment he gave after appearing in media reports that Lysenko allegedly told about the onset of coronavirus in the capital in January. Relevant information was published “Medusa” referring to the journalist of radio station “Echo of Moscow”. It was argued that Lysenko made this statement in an interview with “Habra”.

Commenting on these reports, Lysenko explained that during this period in Russia and particularly in Moscow, there were no cases of infection, however, about the pandemic coronavirus in China was already known, and the city authorities began to prepare for a possible threat. According to him, this is what he meant in an interview. Lysenko also reminded that the first official case of the coronavirus in the capital of Russia was recorded in early March.

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