You have loved Tutankhamun, his father Akhenaten, the inventor of monotheism, and their successors? You will love their enemies, the Hittites and neo-Hittites. The Louvre presents the strengths, flaws, and the fascinating beauties of this civilization, anatolian, indo-european language, which was set up in empire when she was able to keep the natural corridor palestinian-syrian from Egypt to Asia minor. Without this cord, no tin, no copper, therefore, no bronze, no weapons powerful for the armies of Pharaoh. The iron age came, the capital – Hattusa, 150 km east of Ankara – will lose its luster. His successor, during the four centuries, in the territories of Turkey and Syria, modern, a myriad of principalities.

Figurine representing a goddess sitting. New york, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

these are the heart of this journey, this is a world first. Before finally destroyed by the Assyrians and then by the babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II, or neglected in favour of new relay to the mesopotamian influence, these …

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