He just a word, a snatch of chorus, to evoke Johnny, Brel, Barbara, or Cabrel you can whip up in ten seconds a jingle in its own way. The improvisational songs Thomas Boissy happen to Bobino, the historic theatre Montparnasse on Monday, 18 march, before leaving in tour in France.

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Spotted by producer Michel Habert and his friend, the singer, Dave, Thomas Boissy has, since its place as a finalist of the 2011 edition of France has an incredible talent , who revealed his talent to the public at large, made a nice end of the road. After having blown away a packed audience at the Olympia in 2012, this phenomenon of the improvisation happened in the tv shows of Daniela Lumbroso, Nikos Aliagas, nagui (French speacker) and of course the inevitable Michel Drucker.

Lyricist of the song farewell by Charles Dumont MHO

The genius of the song has several strings to his bow. In addition to improvisation, which makes it look like his shows to magic numbers, Thomas Boissy also has a pretty feather. Charles Dumont, the man who wrote No, I regret nothing, immortalized by the incomparable Edith Piaf, asked him to sign his song of farewell goodbye , it will create also on the scene Bobino, there has already been a year. As a prestigious dubbed, the master of French song, had its choice, recognized as a amazing and authentic talent.

● Thomas Boissy improvises at Bobino on march 18, to: reservations

When Thomas Boissy épatait already Michel Drucker and Dave in Vivement Dimanche in 2013