The introduction of a schedule of walks will protect Muscovites from the risk of infection COVID-19

Compliance with the order of walking in Moscow will help people to minimize the risk of infection COVID-19. This opinion was expressed by the author of the Telegram channel, “notes the doctor.”

“Out of all the streets in the city is too early. Given that the mortality rate increases in may than in April, the measures are reasonable and, well, that is temporary,” — said the author of the channel.

the Virus threat, and herd immunity or vaccine from it: “every sneeze or yawn asymptomatic carrier during rush hour can become for some people fatal.”

But, despite the fatigue from isolation and desire to start living a normal life which all lived before the epidemic, to follow the established restrictive rules are necessary, although sometimes very drawn, “for example, a walk with a young man in a Park without any masks, gloves, when I want to.”

“the Only thing that does not allow me to go out and do what I want is medical education and the ability to analyze the situation apart from his emotions,” — said the author of the channel, the medic.

“At the hospital where I work, there are still many seriously ill patients. Morbidity and mortality in the capital are still high. If we all go out, it will be another leap, and not in the bright future,” said the girl.

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