A wave chauvinistic shock. The public station Italian Radio 1 Rai declared, on January 1, 2019, that Fratelli d’italia , the national anthem of the Peninsula and distributed in opening and closing programs, will no longer be the one played by the prestigious Berlin symphony Orchestra, orchestrated by Claudio Abbado. The new version is now that of the national symphonic Orchestra of Rai (Radio Italian television), Turin.

The version of the Berlin symphony Orchestra led by Claudio Abbado.

“From the 1st January 2019, the hymn of Mameli (in reference to Goffredo Mameli, who wrote the words in 1847 ED), transmitted on Radio 1 Rai to 04h58 and 23h58, is back in the house,” announced the station in a press release. Before you argue: “Performed by the symphonic Orchestra of the Rai Turin, the new version replaces the often criticised for from abroad, performed by the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra”.

The new interpretation, led by the conductor Fabio Luisi, was registered on December 16, 2018 on the occasion of the Christmas concert played on the floor of the Italian Senate.

Concert from December 18, 2018 at the Italian Senate

“We want to develop and promote a national anthem interpreted in a way that is beautiful and that we had really transported into the chamber of one of the two rooms,” said Marcello Foa, the president of the Rai. The leader close to Matteo Salvini, the minister of the Interior from the extreme-right party of The League, calls “the recognition of the value of the national orchestra”.

officially Become a national anthem in 2017, Fratelli d’italia was written in 1847 in Italy, then under the dominion of the empire of Austria, by a young patriot of 20 years Goffredo Mameli and composed by Michele Novaro. The song has been selected provisionally in 1946, to celebrate a ceremony of the armed forces, by the Council of Ministers, then headed by Alcide de Gasperi.